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ART LOVERS HERE! Check out the paintings that are TOO REAL to believe that they have been painted with oil on canvas…

David A. Shepherd is a Canadian realist artist, ARC Salon finalist two years in a row, and an Honors Graduate from the Academy of Realist Art Toronto (ARA). His paintings look too real to believe that they have been painted with oil on canvas. Only when you are very close to his paintings, you can … Continue reading

Little Lady in a Big Business (Look Professional)

Traditionally, women were raised to be the guardian of her future family hearth, to up bring and educate her kids, to keep the house tidy and to cook for the family. Now, modern women have more power. They work as hard as men to earn money, and succeed in their careers. But unfortunately in our … Continue reading

Message from the Fontana di Trevi (or The Bridal Notes)

At first glance it’s an ordinary story, a reading which will remind you of a million love tales that won the hearts of housewives the world over. But unlike the others, this story is true. It’s a story of a young woman from a port city, its inhabitants in whose veins flows ethnic Mugam and … Continue reading